MVS-2200Flash Multi-channel Video Server

MVS-2200Flash is a comprehensive and cost-effective multi-channel and multi-format video server for acquisition, production and sports replay applications.

The MVS-2200Flash system featrured with simulataneous playout and recording, clipediting, trimming and playlist creation.

The MVS-2200Flash system comes with 1 input and 2 outputs configuration and is a robust system secure with standard redundancy for power and RAID protected.

The MVS-2200Flash system comes with a dedicated, robust and intuitiive software environment that allowing user to control via GUI with few mouse clicks.

Main Features

  • Use none/no mechanical moving parts
  • Minimum storage of 1.2hours(100MB/s)
  • Simultaneous record and playback
  • Loop recording and Loop playback
  • Multi-rate HD and SD VIDEO I/O
  • Support 2 inputs and 2 outputs in a single chassis 
  • Uncompressed or compressed operation
  • Multi-channel audio Support
  • Scalable storage,internal and external expansion capability
  • File-based recording and storage
  • Power supplies redundancy
  • Maximum bit-rate up to 200MB/s